Tolecut 8 Cut Block Sheets - Blue K-2500

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Tolecut 8 Cut Block Sheets - Blue K-2500

Most advanced dry sanding system that combines aggressiveness and uniformity, used for removal of imperfection.

  • Size: 70mm x 114mm
  • 25 Sheets
  • Finishing: K-2500
  • Removal of runs, sags, or other larger paint defects.

Tolecut Block Sheets remove dust-nibs, runs, or other paint defects faster and easier. The scratches of Tolecut are extremely shallow and uniform. It is not necessary to apply water and you can check the scratches during the sanding. It is also applicable for Waterborne and High Solid Clear.

Grade: Blue K-2500
Sanding Speed±P1500
Finish Equivalent>P3000