What is Glue Pull Repair?

Keco Tools used in this Video - 1. K-Bar, 2. Centipede Flexible Crease Tabs, 3. Viper Articulating Tabs 4. Cam Auto Collision Glue


Glue Pull Repair also known as GPR. GPR is not a new body repair process it's been around for over 15 years. However the advancement in GPR tooling in the last 5 years is changing the body repair industry. Body shops that have introduced GPR processes are now using GPR as their preferred method of repair.

GPR is not PDR and some body shop technicians have seen just how GPR has improved the quality of repair from traditional repair methods. Yes, PDR technicians use the GPR repair process as part of their repair techniques also.

What we are seeing across the body repair industry is a convergence of techniques utalising the best of both PDR and body repair methods, and at the for-front of is convergence is GPR.

Keco have been innovating and leading the GPR industry for over 10 years their tools and systems are by far the most advanced on the market.

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Common GPR Questions Answered?

How strong is glue pulling? The strength of a glue pull is multi-factor; the key factors are; the surface area of the tab, size of the damage, and the Keco 6 C’s GPR process is followed. Glue pulls have been recorded at over 1800 PSI - tabs and glue can be used with lift and hydraulic pulling systems. [ Watch this Demo Video ]

Does glue pull work on bare metal? Yes. The collision glues have been tested to work on bare metal; steel and aluminium. [ Watch this Bare Metal Video ]

Can you PDR with a GPR system? GPR is not PDR if you want a perfect finish refinishing will be required. 

Does GPR work on aluminium? Yes. The process is the same for steel or aluminium. [ Watch this Demo ]

Can you see a demonstration of the system? Yes. We have both online and on-site demonstrations just give us a call. [ Watch Demo Videos ]

Does Keco offer training? Yes. We can offer a level of training with more training options available in the coming months. [ Online Training Videos ]

What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2? Level 1 is for roughing out large damage. Level 2 is to take the roughing out to a more finished state of repair.

How much does a system cost? The initial cost is a kit is between $4,000 - $5,500 you will also have ongoing consumable costs for glue, tabs and release agent (isopropyl alcohol).

Where do I purchase a glue pull system? The kits can be purchased online here @ kecotabs.com.au or call one of our sales team.