The Glue Pull Repair advantage

No.1 Better Quality Repair

Glue Pulling Repair is better for the car and your customer, your shop, and your technicians.

  1. A glue pulling repair (GPR) process is less damaging to the original factory materials.
  2. The GPR approach of repair is to introduce no further damage to the vehicle. 
  3. Repairs are performed on the visible side of a panel; maintaining factory external and internal coatings, safety materials, and structure.
  4. A glue pulling repair can in many cases eliminate the need for grinding or welding: studs or wiggle wire damaging coatings and factory materials. With GPR there is virtually no opportunity to introduce ‘corrosion’.
  5. Corrosion is a major concern for body shop owners and manufacturers, not only damaging to the car but can really damage a body shop’s reputation, a customer relationship and the bottom line with repair ‘comebacks’ / returns costly problems.

No.2 More Efficient

  1. Experienced body technicians can learn GPR techniques very quickly, within a one-day training program technicians can see results immediately.
  2. A GPR repair starts immediately not sanding down to start, the process begins by reducing the size of the damage.
  3. Keco’s 6C process makes GPR repeatable with successful results every time.
  4. With time and practice; technicians' speed, efficiency really impacts cycle times; this efficiency is great for your customer’s experience, reputation, and profits.
  5. The process GPR reduces the impact of both R&R and R&I within shops. Many complex panel damage which would traditionally be removed and replaced can be saved with GPR.

No.3 Increase Profitability

  1. GPR repairs start immediately, preparation is minimal.
  2. The process of GPR is to continually reduce the size of damage; the cost of consumables is greatly reduced.
  3. Many body shops and insurance estimate CCC systems to calculate repairs on the damage size; including consumables such as paint, primer, and coatings. The GPR process reduces the amounts of consumables required, directly increasing the profit margin per job; and can save thousands of dollars in consumables per year.
  4. The potential increase in profit margin is also impacted; by the damage itself, the location, size, and depth of the damage - as well as the skill level of the technician as they continually master the art of GPR.
  5. Keco’s products and tools can complete an entire repair on any vehicle, from roughing out to the final flat finish state.
  6. As technicians become skilled in GPR, the ratio of labor required per repair can have a significant impact on cycle times and profitability.
  7. Keco’s GPR system and tools work with all metals steel, high strength steel including aluminium; reducing the need for expensive high-powered single-use equipment.
  8. GPR reduces the requirement for R&I, which is normally a non-profit component of a body shop’s repair billing.

No.4 Future Proofing

  1. Keco’s GPR system, process, and tools are purposefully designed to be a complete repair system. With a fully trained technician, many repairs will require no additional materials or tooling.
  2. The system is designed to build upon the skill level of the technician, thus future-proofing your business.

No.5 Safety

  1. Unlike welding processes GPR is essentially a cold repair process; even though hot glues are used they are generally below 150 degrees limiting any serious injury.
  2. The GPR process tr
  3. Alcohol is used for cleaning purposes; however, the amounts used vaporise within seconds.
  4. Given GPR can reduce the need for complete R&R or R&I; OEM safety features of a customer car stays intact and operating as factory fitted.
  5. Electrical safety concerns 

No.6 Recognition and Accreditation

  1. Some OME repair guidelines now No welding on OEM repair
  2. Rivian “100 percent” would like glue pulling to be a “specified repair method” 

No.7 Support and Training

  1. Keco On-Site Training is available.
  2. Keco training events and virtual training are available.
  3. Free Online GPR Training
  4. Free Virtual Training is offered by Keco.
  5. Online Dent King -
  6. iCar offers introductory courses in GPR -
  7. I-Car Glue Pull Repair Demo -