GPR Training

Begin your journey in Glue Pull Repair with our practical GPR Courses, learn from the best in the business. Come to us or we can come to you with our GPR training, get your hands on our award-winning tools! Our experts will cover everything you need to know with Glue Pull Repair and Keco’s 6 C process. This is a great chance to become familiar with our products in person and in action, so schedule a visit today!

Our 1 Day GPR Training Covers:

  • Overview of the 6C Process
  • Learn How to Read a Light
  • Discover new techniques with your GPR tools
  • Find out what glue to use with certain temperatures
  • Know the difference between tabs and when to use them
GPR Training - Knoxfield, VIC

GPR Training - Knoxfield, VIC


Our in-person training at our Knoxfield, VIC shop is a great way to connect to our experts during an intensive one day of hands-on GPR training! Y...

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