The Finger™ - Ding Ring™

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  • Completely ergonomic PDR tool
  • 9-in-1 knockdown tool
  • Saves time by being attached to your finger
  • Helps you prevent problems with your hands due to stress

The Finger™, also called the Ding Ring™, is a brand new concept in Paintless Dent Removal. This little gadget will save you time and frustration because you never have to set it down — you don’t have to waste time picking it up or fumbling around. 

It is actually 6 different knockdowns in one! 

If you like metal knockdowns, you are in luck because The Finger™ starts with a mirror-polished tip carefully crafted to deliver wonderful results, and since it can’t roll away, you don’t have to fear those accidental drops which render all other steel knockdowns useless until you have the time, equipment, and skill to re-polish them. 

We have four custom tips and four different caps, all designed specifically for PDR which make this the most customizable knockdown ever developed!

Paintless Dent Repair technicians rely on their hands and eyes to make their living. The techs that realize this, are on the never-ending quest to find ways to protect these vital assets in order to extend their careers, remain pain-free, and work at the top of their game. The Finger™ is their dream come true since it eliminates all harmful vibrations from transferring to the fingers and hands. It has also become the go-to tapper tool for guys with finger or thumb injuries.

When we heard the nightmare story of a hail chaser who lost some fingers to a saw accident while remodeling his home in the offseason, we moved The Finger™ to the front of our project list and worked on perfecting this new tool. We all figured that giving one tech his livelihood back was a project worth pursuing with everything we had!

If you have suffered an accident, injury, or nerve damage due to the long term repetitive stresses caused by PDR, please message us to find out if you qualify for our Free Tools Program.

If you would like to help support our efforts (combined with The World Hail Network, PDRN, and NAPDRT) to research and find preventions and cures for the long term effects of PDR, please reach out as well.