KECO K-Power Jr. Lateral Tension Tool with Blocks and Tabs **PRE-ORDER ONLY**

SKU: 410-8456-KPJ

*NEW Powerful Lateral Tension Technology from KECO!

The K-Power Jr. uses the latest lateral tension innovation on a shorter platform. The K-Power Jr. applies force extremely low to the panel with controlled finesse all the way to Port-a-Power strength. This allows for the cleanest lateral tension possible designed to maximize the output without the risk of creating collateral damage.

Multiple shoes give technicians flexibility and options for applying force to flat panels and body lines with both perpendicular and in-line configurations.

Applying the K-Power Jr. force in between (2) LTT-Beams increases rough out capabilities.

  • Beam - 18" high strength, yet light weight, extruded aluminum beam with precision machined slide surfaces
  • Drive Rod - internal 1/2" threaded drive rod to minimize deflection at maximum power 
  • Durable Legs & Shoes - (3) pairs of high strength steel, precision machined legs and shoes provide strength and durability. Shoes designed to accommodate included centipede tabs, as well as adaptation to KECO LTT-Beams
  • Hex Drive - standard 1/4" external drive accommodates power tools for fast setup and impact power during applied tension
  • Includes 10 KECO Blue Centipede Tabs - (2) each 50mm x 54 mm (2 x 2 in) rigid centipedes, (2) each 50mm x 54 mm (2 x 2 in) contoured rigid centipedes, (2) each 50mm x 105 mm (2 x 4 in), (2) each 50mm x 156 mm (2 x 6 in) rigid centipedes with lateral-pull hole, and (2) each 25mm x 156 mm (1 x 6 in) rigid centipedes with lateral-pull hole