Hood and Deck Pony Set [4 Piece]

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Sold Out
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The Pony Hood and Decks evolved as a cost-effective bridge between the "Industry Only" six-piece heavyweight Hood and Deck set and new lighter-duty Hood and Decks "Mini's".

The four tool Pony set retains the powerful leverage and ergonomic attributes as the Traditional set having the same 1/4" diameter curved tempered steel shafts.

They come in paired left and right 13" and 17" lengths which provide 360 degrees of radial providing an unmatched tool to target coverage while avoiding the point of entrance damage.

Confronting aluminum with these is no problem! Buy them to complement your Mini's when more heft and/or range is required or as an affordable entry to the Hood and Deck platform.

Either way, you won't be disappointed!

(Note: The Traditional set tool lengths are 14" and 18")