DRUZ TOOLZ - 47inch PIMP STICK Solid Carbon Fibre Hail Rod

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The Pimp Stick is a solid carbon rod with billet Aluminum handle and billet double sided head. This tool is 47 inches long/121.9 cm and weighs 16oz/500gr without tips.  The Pimp Stick is the long one in the picture.

All 5/16-18 threaded tips will work with this.      It comes without tips.

This tool has almost no flex and is incredibly strong.  It is so lightweight after pushing on a roof all day with it you will forget you have it in your hand.   This is a game changer for DruzToolz because this is the first all in house machined tool.  Complete your purchase by checking out the tip section on our website.  Whether you are looking for Titanium, Stainless, Plastic, Peek, Aluminum, or Match Grade, we have it all.

No Tips Included.