Druz Carbon Fiber Blending Hammer 24"

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Druz Carbon Fiber Blending Hammer is very strong and extremely light.

The Carbon fiber blending hammer has a stainless steel head with a finely polished tip with a soft radius. The other side is threaded for multi-weighted tips that are interchangeable. This threads with the industry-standard DC tips.

By alternating the tips you can adjust the weight of the hammer from 2.2oz/ 62 g without tip to a heavier option with the tip of your choice. The polished side can be used as stainless steel knockdown.  It is very well balanced with an ergonomic handle that rolls well in the palm of your hand.

The carbon fiber blending hammer is my everyday use hammer.  I use a soft tip for striking my knockdown and to blend large crowns and eyebrows. The fixed stainless steel polished side I use for blending rails.