Carbon Fiber Extendable Blending Hammer

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Carbon fiber extendable blending hammer from Fast PDR Tools is unlike any other hammer!

The material of this hammer's head is of a special alloy that is extremely hard it does not mark and neither mold like ordinary hammers. It is not necessary to polish it.

In addition, its head was calculated to have a perfect swing and an ideal weight for daily use. Both sides have removable tip, so technicians can work with other tips of their choice.

The hammer’s thread is compatible with all American 5/16th tips as well as Fast PDR Tools entire line of threaded tips. The hammer comes with two tips.

Designed to leave it on the car and it will not damage the paint as its handle is protected by rubber o-ring.

The carbon fiber cable is adjustable and can be used in any size from 40cm (completely closed) to 70cm (completely open).