B-TEC 308-12 (Ryobi Compatiable)

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B-Tec 308 battery glue gun shell (excludes battery and charger)

Designed to work with the Ryobi One+ 18V battery, but are also compatible with Makita®*, Dewalt®*, Milwaukee®* and Bosch®* Professional 18V batteries when used with the relevant optional Badaptor.

Portable, lightweight professional 12mm glue gun. Runs on battery power with an output of 1kilo of molten glue per hour. Features dual temperature setting with eco mode to extend battery life. Also has a 3-minute warm-up time & illuminated on / off switch. Fully compatible with the Badaptor battery adaptors.

Flexibility: tec cordless glue guns don’t require a mains power source and aren’t restricted by power leads, giving users the ability to work virtually anywhere

Maximum 5 hours run time: both guns feature a new Eco mode setting that almost doubles battery life for any given battery size

Takes 5 brands of battery: compatible with the Ryobi One+ battery range, the b-tec guns can also take 4 of the most popular branded batteries available when used with the optional Badaptor system

Specially formulated adhesives: new tecbond E-glues run especially well through the guns on Eco mode, helping you to maximise your available working time

Two models of glue gun available: choose from the lightweight professional b-tec 308, or the higher output b-tec 808, depending on your application


Tec cordless glue guns are the only truly professional long run-time battery-operated tools available. Cordless operation provides a new freedom to apply fast-setting hot melt adhesives indoors and out. Ideal if mains power is not available or when extension leads are undesirable, such as in public areas, or when working at height on ladders and scaffolding.

How can I get the best run time from my battery?

Tec cordless tools are designed to use the Ryobi One+ battery system which include batteries in various Amp Hour ratings. The smallest - 2.5 Amp Hour - will run a tec cordless gun for 1 hour 15 minutes in performance mode, or 2 hours 30 minutes in Eco mode.

Batteries are available with 2.5 / 4.0 and 5.0 Amp Hour ratings - the largest of which can power a B-Tec tool for over 5 hours in Eco mode!


Ryobi One+ battery                       2.5Ah 18V                 4.0Ah 18V     5.0Ah 18V

ECO mode (165ºC)                         2 hours 30 minutes 4 hours           5 hours

Performance mode (195ºC)           1 hour 15 minutes    2 hours           2 hours 30 minute


The tools can easily be adapted to use Makita®, DeWalt®, Milwaukee® and Bosch® Professional 18V batteries - just by using the appropriate Badaptor. This means users can continue to use their preferred battery platform and not double up on additional batteries and chargers.