Pro PDR Solutions 36'' Quik Light 3 strip - WCW

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The lightest weight, most durable 36″ light available on the market today.

The 36″ QUIK PDR LIGHT HD is a lightweight, durable light that works great for door dingers, showing a larger working area.  While Hail techs use this light for repairing rails and crosschecking.

HD has a more crisp line in the reflection which enhances the difference between the shadow and the dent and the surface of the paint. When used with a dimmer, the PDR Tech can set up the right look for bringing the dent out.

Length – 36″
Width – 8″
Height – 2″

This light comes standard with an internal dimmer and a 20ft coiled cord with battery clamps.

The 36″ Quik PDR Light HD goes with the LS-3FH Stand.