15 Piece Threaded Tip Set + 2 Extensions

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Fast PDR 15 Piece Threaded Tip Set + 2 Extensions

1x AC0087 Aluminum tip holder
1x E25A Metal 25mm tip Extension
1x E50A Metal 50mm tip Extension
1x C15C - Celeron Cylender tip
1x C15P - Plastic Cylender tip
1x B12P - Plastic Dome tip
1x B2P - Plastic tip
1x B4P - Plastic Bullet tip
1x B18BP-R - Threaded tip # P2 POM (Polyacetal) Dome Rubber Tip
1x B35BP-R - Threaded tip # P2 POM (Polyacetal) Rubber Ball Tip
1x T27B - Mushroom Threaded tip with red cap # B1
1x R10B - Threaded tip with red cap # B2
1x R6A - Steel threaded ball tip # A2
1x B2A - Steel sharp tip
1x B5A - Steel threaded bulled tip # I1
1x C4A - Metal Flat point tip
1x H24C - Celeron threaded tip # A1
1x B4C - Celeron Bullet tip