Collision Glue Pull Repair (GPR)

12 Minutes of Work in a 1-Minute Video

Make More Money 

GPR eliminates stud welding so your repairs are far less intrusive with less post-pull work pounding, filling, priming and painting. There’s no need to spray wax or coatings inside the panel because you don’t burn any of the OEM material away.

Glue Pull Repair Value Icons: Fast, High-Quality, Easy-to-Learn, Affordable

Fast: Reduce repair times and lower the severity of the repair on steel or aluminum.

High-Quality: Repair vehicles without damaging exterior finishes, interior panel protections, and factory seals.

Easy-To-Learn: Get started using GPR with zero formal training or certifications.

Affordable: Purchase a complete system at a fraction of the cost of comparable conventional repair systems.

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