TDN Tool Cart Small [Purple Only]

Sold out
Sold Out

The Series 2 TDN Tool Cart takes everything that was great about the original model and gives it a little upgrade. 

The Series 2 will be available in various colours. All colours will feature black, powder-coated, extrusions and legs with the panels themselves being coloured.

The foam has been re-designed into a more ergonomic layout. It has more shallow holes, of different diameters, for knockdowns and tabs to be stored. There are four oval holes along the back of the foam meant for easier access to longer tools such as hail rods. The re-positioning of these holes allows you to add 2 drawers onto your cart, one on either end. We have moved and recessed out the hole where the TDN Logo used to be to form a cup holder. 

PLEASE NOTE: Purple Only

The Colour in the photo is not representative of the colours on sale.