Metal Medic Hog Leg Knock Down Holder w/ Tip


The “Hog Leg” Premium carbon fiber knockdown tip holder.

The Hog Leg is a thick, meaty knockdown. It is made from the same high quality, 1-inch diameter 3K weave the Battle Axe uses.

It is approximately 5 inches long from the wide, billet aluminum large octagon-shaped roll resist strike plate to the included Dentcraft BP-2 tip.

The tip holder uses an innovative design to keep the tip from coming to loose.

The tip screws down into a tapered bore that wedges the tip 360 degrees all around. It also transfers the energy better than just using the stud alone. The aluminum is anodized in attractive and protective silver color.

The Hog Leg, with its larger than standard tube diameter, gives the tech something more to grasp. No more pinching your fingers together for hours while working a smashed rail.

The included self-sticking dampening pad drastically reduces the noise and reduces paint marring. Give it a try.

While no knockdown is a fit for all situations, you’ll soon find it will become your favorite go-to blending, knockdown tool.