DRUZ TOOLZ - 19" Short Hook Aluminium Door Tool [ADT Short Hook]


Short Aluminum ADT (Adjustable Handle Tool). a.k.a Fender Tool

The Stainless Steel tool starts as a half-inch rod and is ground down to just under 1/4 inch and is 19 inches long. The handle on this is a little over 7 inches long (measured from the center of shaft to end of handle)  to give more leverage. The Short Hook ADT adjustable mechanism has a custom spring with a higher spring rate to help control unwanted disengagements. This handle is a larger diameter(1-1/4 inch) to give more control and less forearm pump. This is a very stiff door/fender tool that has more drive than you could ever want.   The hooks kick is 5.375 inches.

There are two variations of the Hook. The Aluminum handle and the Carbon Fiber handle.  The carbon fiber saves a bit of weight.  It also does not transfer heat or cold like aluminum or steel, so no more freezing handles in the winter.