DRUZ TOOLZ - Slide Hammer

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Sold Out
Druz Slide Hammer was introduced at the 2012 MTE as a show special. The MTE version had a polished aluminum head and a show price, the show special is over. This one has Stainless steel slide and weights with a machined/brushed finish aluminum head that grips all glue tabs, even the new atlas ones. This slider has an internal slider to reduce finger pinch. It has rubber internal dampeners to cushion the impact and give a better pull instead of a hard snap when glue pulling. The length of travel in the slide is 3 1/2 inches, but glue pulling works from the weight impact not the length of travel. The length is 8 3/4 inches without any weights and 14 inches with the heavy weight and extended. The weight changes depending on your preference. The Slide Hammer comes with both small and large weight. The lightest is 1lb 14oz (854g) with the small weight it is 2lb 4 oz (1003g) and with the large weight it is 3lbs 2oz (1422g).