DNE 38" Black LED PDR Light and Stand

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DNE PDR Light - 38'' (91.44cm) 6 strip LED pdr light and stand

You can’t fix what you can’t see. PDR lighting solutions from DNE provide dent repair lighting solutions designed for maximum portability.

  • 6 Lighting Strips - Harness the power of 6 LED lighting strips allowing you to repair complex damage and prevent overpulls - 2 warm/cold x 2 warm/cold x 2 warm/cold
  • Dimmer - 2 button dimmer with many settings
  • Switches - There 3 buttons above each set of 2 strips
  • Adjustable Stand - Omni-directional stand and quick-adjust levers allows light to be precisely adjusted for each dent
  • Powerful LEDs - Daylight spectrum LED strips to provide even lighting that will allow you to see and repair the damage that would otherwise be hidden with poor lighting

You either tap the button above a set of cold/warm strips to change the configuration; You can also hold the button to change up the setting. When you have the configuration you like; the light will flicker 1 time after about 3 seconds. This is the light memorizing your settings. This will keep your lights in their specific configuration even when you unplug the battery.

This light now works easily with the Never Loose Connector.

This light is from Ukraine.